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  • Written by: Heather Layman

Awareness Ale, helping raise money for Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation

Roswell, Georgia –Gate City Brewing Co. releases Pitt Hopkins Ale to raise awareness for the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.

Gate City Brewing Co. is excited to announce their seasonal Awareness Ale is now on draft and in 6-pack cans going out to distribution throughout the Georgia market. Pitt Hopkins Ale is dedicated to Harper Strasburg and her fight with a rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins.

Pitt Hopkins pale ale is a light and refreshing American pale ale brewed with Falconers Flight and Simcoe hops. Notes of grapefruit and dank pineapple round out a great take on a classic style. Whether you grab a 6-pack at your local package store, a pint at your favorite pub, or come by Gate City, $1 of each beer will be donated to helping children like Harper!

Gate City Brewing is dedicated to their local community and when friends, Eric and Amanda Strasburg announced that their daughter, Harper, was affected by Pitt Hopkins, they went to work thinking of ways to help and spread awareness. Only about 700 cases of Pitt Hopkins are diagnosed around the world, which makes gaining funds for research difficult. In an effort to help, Gate City Brewing came up with Pitt Hopkins Ale and decided to donate $1 of each beer sold to the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.

“After a fairly uneventful twin pregnancy, Harper and her brother Nolan were born on May 31, 2015. At around a year of age, while her brother was meeting his milestones, Harper was falling further and further behind. After going through several rounds of tests, a neurologist diagnosed Harper with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS)”, explains Amanda Strasburg

“Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (PTHS) is a rare genetic disorder affecting a specific gene in chromosome 18, called TCF4. PTHS is characterized by developmental delay, possible breathing problems of episodic hyperventilation and/or breath-holding while awake (55%-60%), recurrent seizures/epilepsy (40%-50%), gastrointestinal issues, lack of speech, and distinctive facial features. As we learn more about Pitt Hopkins, the developmental spectrum of the disorder is widening, and can also include difficulties with anxiety and ADHD, and sensory disorders.”, according to the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation.


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